Strain Name: N2

ID for Sorting: 0.1
Other Name:
Isolater: Staniland, L.N.
Affiliation: Friend of Lab

GPS Coordinates: 51.454513, -2.58791

Sampling and Field Work

Sampling Date: 01/01/1950
Location Description:

Bristol, England

Soil Moisture: Unknown
Recent Weather: unknown
Baited? No
Plated Date: 01/01/1950
Are new worms/tracks likely dauer or older at first sampling? Unknown
When was sample first passaged? Unknown
Source Material: Compost

Source Material Description:

mushroom compost

Imaging and Phenotypes

Males Observed: None
M-F Test done: Yes
Mode of Reproduction: Herm
Mating Mode:
Average Adult Body Length: 1.28
Average Adult Body Width: 0.068
Coloration & Distinct Features:

Dissecting Scope Image:

Position of Vulva: Central
Pharynx Shape:

Body Image:

Pharynx Imange:


Genetic Information

Closest BLAST hit (100%, noted if otherwise): Caenorhabditis elegans strain CB4088 18S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence
Closest Hit Accession No: EU196001.1
ITS Sequence Hit:
Genus Species: Caenorhabditis elegans
Authority on Genus Species:
Evidence Type:
In GenBank? No
GenBank Accession Number:

Collection Information

Strain sent to anyone? No
Recipient of Strain:
Life Status in Grana Lab: Alive in Lab

Passaging and Laboratory Information

Life Cycle, Embryogenesis, Eggs

Relative Growth Rate:
Embryonic Development: it is C. elegans
Brood Size:
Date Start Brood Size: June 13, 2011
Student That Did Brood Size: MM


Survive spot bleaching: Yes

Survive Freeze? Yes
Freezing Protocol: C Elegans
Date Frozen:
Date Thawed:

Starve Start:
3-Week Starve Start:
Survive 3-Week Starve: Yes
6-Week Starvation End:
Survive 6-Week Starvation: Yes